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Simtronics Fire & Gas

Simtronics is a world-class provider of sophisticated gas and flame detection systems. The company has more than 25 years’ experience in supplying gas detection for use in applications ranging from plant boiler rooms to offshore petrochemical facilities. Simtronics` products are used worldwide to help protect life and assets.

Fire and Gas Detection Systems

Simtronics offer a full complement of gas and flame detection, industrial fire detection with integrated alarm and control systems. Simtronics designs, builds, tests and commissions a range of conventional panels through to fault-tolerant, addressable networks.

Our systems capability includes MultiSafe MX, our SIL 2 or 3 approved modular multifunctional 19in rack system. MultiSafeMX is capable of conventional or addressable fire detection, gas detection, security features and fire suppression. This is complimented by the Syntel™, our industrial addressable flame and gas monitoring system. Syntel is often a key component in our detection solutions for petrochemical and chemical plants as well as nuclear and conventional power plants. Syntel has no common failure mode and a self-healing loop.

MultiFlame detectors

These devices offer optimum detection of hydrocarbon fires whilst providing excellent false alarm immunity.They have been supplied for numerous projects ranging from FPSOs to gas turbine enclosures and aircraft hangars.

Infrared gas detection for offshore installations

For more than 25 years, our point IR gas detectors have set the benchmark for detection on North Sea offshore installations. The GD10 differs from other models, because it uses highly stable, silicon-based infrared sources that flash at 50Hz. The detector offers an ultra-fast speed of response, while providing unparalleled service life and stability.

Catalytic, electrochemical cell and semiconductor detectors

Our extended gas detection range (MultiTox and MultiXplo) covers Oxygen, toxic and combustible gases. These products have built-in flexibility and use wireless configuration for ease of maintenance.

Laser-based open path detectors

The GD1 is a gas-specific, laser-based open path. This unit can detect a 5 meter gas cloud with a path average of 5ppm hydrogen sulphide gas clouds, making it suitable for personnel safety monitoring whilst never needing recalibration.

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