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Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection

Ultrasonic/Acoustic gas detectors instantly detect gas leaks by 'hearing' the sound generated by escaping gas rather than responding to specific measurements of LEL or ppm.

It is the only method of detection able to detect gas without the gas cloud needing to come into direct contact with the detector. The technology is impervious to wind, fog or gas dilution and is therefore very reliable in outdoor installations.

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  • IncusSS1

    GDU Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

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    Ultrasonic Leak Detection SIL2/3 rated

    The GDU-Incus is an ultrasonic gas leak detector for detecting airborne ultrasound generated from pressurised gas leaks. The detector comprises four independent sensing heads designed using Groveley’s patented floating crystal technology. The piezo-electric sensor heads are encased in a ceramic housing and sealed against the harshest of environments.

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  • GDU011TT

    GDU01-TT Electronics Test Tool for Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors

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    Ultrasonic Leak Detection

    The test tool produces ultrasound to verify response of an ultrasonic gas leak detector without the need for, either a pressureised gas release or getting direct access to the detector.

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  • GDU01 Mapping

    Ultrasonic Background Mapping Services

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    Ultrasonic Leak Detection

    ProDetec can offer our customers ultrasonic background noise surveying services for their various facilities being onshore or offshore.

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