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Firefly Water Pump and Vessel

Hydropress Pump & Tank System

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Firefly Extinguishing & Isolation

The Hydro Press Pump (HPP) unit is equipped with a start/stop switch that will start and stop on two different pre-set pressures. When the pressure drops below the pre-set start pressure on the start/stop switch the pump will start. The pump will stop when the pressure reaches the pre-set stop pressure on the start/stop switch. If the pressure drops too much, i.e. the pump did not start at the pre-set start pressure at the start/stop switch; a low-pressure alarm will be given. If the incoming water supply pressure drops below a pre-set level, a low-pressure alarm will be given. One running switch is also included in the unit. This signal is used for monitoring when the pump is running. The unit is also equipped with shut down and draining valves, manometers for water pressure indication and safety valve.



The hydro press tank is a vessel for water used to maintain the necessary pressure at extinguishing zones. This will ensure the required volume of water at correct pressure whenever an extinguishing cycle takes place. One tank shall always be installed close to the hydro press pump, max 1-2 meters.

A rubber diaphragm divides water and air from each other inside the tank. The tank is pre-pressurised with air. When the water pressure increases, the tank will start to be filled with water. During extinguishing the water will be pressed out from the tank by the compressed air on the other side of the rubber diaphragm.

The Hydro Press Tank ProDetec uses is is ASME replaceable bladder type pre-charged hydro-pneumatic tanks for commercial and industrial well and water systems, booster systems, or other potable water applications. They are designed to deliver water under pressure between pump cycles to provide sufficient flow to meet demands.

Shell:   Carbon Steel
System Connection: Epoxy Lined
Bladder: Heavy Duty Butyl
(NSF Certified / FDA Approved Materials)HPT





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