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Dangerous sparks and hot particles can be generated in various processes which can lead to loss of revenue and/or human life as well as major damage to the production lines and machinery. By tailoring a fire protection system using fast IR-radiation detection and flame detection in combination with effective water spray extinguishing and water mist suppression. Our aims has always been to avoid costly fires and dust explosions in these industries.

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  • Firefly ConveyorGuard

    Conveyor Belt Protection Systems

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    Firefly Solutions (other)

    To detect and suppress a fire, stop the conveyor belt as quickly as possible is the purpose of the Firefly ConveyorGuard™ solution. This is why a Firefly safety system always consists of three main integrated functionalities: detection, suppression and control.

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  • shredder1

    Shredder Protection Systems

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    Firefly Solutions (other)

    A fire in a shredder can spread very quickly. Therefore, a fast acting fire protection system that also can withstand the tough conditions in and around a shredder is required.

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  • IR Dryer

    Protection for Paper Industry (IR Dryers)

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    Firefly Solutions (other)

    IR-Dryers – The most likely source for a fire. Firefly has developed the IR-Guard system to protect one of the most valued link in the production chain.

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  • bioenergy

    Firefly Pellet Solutions™

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    Firefly Solutions (other)

    How to protect Bioenergy processes against fire and dust explosions? Our systems are designed to provide optimal safety against fire and minimal effect on machinery or production.

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  • Bucket Elevator

    Firefly ElevatorGuard ™ - Protection of bucket elevators

    Problems with fires or even dust explosions in bucket elevators are well known to the industry. The dusty atmosphere inside an elevator is ideal for a fire or a dust explosion. The properties of a bucket elevator also makes it more complicated to protect.

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