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LaserGas II OP 1

LaserGas II Open Path (Long Range - up to 1000m)

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NEO TDL Open Path Detection LaserGas II

NEO Monitors LaserGas II OP is a compact, high performance gas monitor for ambient long distance monitoring. The LaserGas II OP consists of a transceiver and retro-reflector unit. The retro-reflector unit consists of one or several cube corners in a weather proof enclosure. LaserGas II OP is known as “single line spectroscopy”. A single gas absorption line with no interference is chosen in the near IR spectral range and scanned by a single-mode diode laser. A retro-reflector located opposite to the laser reflects the light back to the transceiver. A detector collects the returned light for further analysis and calculation of the gas concentration.


  • Easy to install, limited need for maintenance
  • Response time down to 1 second
  • No cross interference from other gases
  • Very low detection limits (ppb and low ppm)
  • Unaffected by fog or rain down to <1% transmission
  • Optional Ethernet connection and auto-alignment unit
  • Wide range of detectable gases
  • Mounted on our proprietary x/y alignment platform (goniometer). Adapters for fixed installation on platforms or for tripod use are available.
  • Equipped also for hazardous areas


Open Path monitors are critical in emission monitoring across a wide range of industrial applications:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Petrochemical refineries
  • Landfill sites
  • Chemical plants
  • Metal industry
  • Fire protection
  • Traffic exhaust
  • and more


Compact high performance gas monitor for ambient long distance monitoring

  • No cross interference from other gases
  • Easy to install
  • Limited need for maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Proven and reliable


Path length:  Typically 10 - 500 m 
Response time:  1-2 sec 
Environmental conditions   
Operating temperature:  -20 ºC to +55 ºC 
Storage temperature:  -20 ºC to +55 ºC 
Protection classification:   Transceiver unit IP66
  (retro-reflector and battery unit IP65) 
Inputs / Outputs   
Analog output (3):  4 – 20 mA current loop (concentration, transmission) 
Digital output:  TCP/IP, MODBUS, 
  Optional fibre optic 
Relay output (3):  High gas-, Maintenance-
  Warning - and Fault 
  (normally closed) 
Input power supply:  100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 
  Hz, 0.36 - 0.26 A 
Output power supply unit:  24 VDC, 900 - 1000 mA 
Input transmitter unit:  18 - 36 VDC, max. 20 W 
4 – 20 mA output:  500 Ohm max. isolated 
Relay output:  1 A at 30 V DC/AC 
Battery supply unit (optional):  
   Input: 90-264 VAC, 
  50/60 Hz, Output: 24 VDC, fused 1A 
Installation and Operation   
Installation:  Special X/Y alignment  platform, tripod or auto alignment unit
Purging of windows:  By fan or blower (only recommended for certain applications)
Interval:  Recommended every 6 - 12 months 
Calibration:  Check recommended every 12 months 
Laser class:  Class 1 according to IEC 60825-1 
CE:  Certified, conformant with LVD 73/23/EEC, including 93/68/EEC 
EMC:  Conformant with directive 2004/108 EC 






0-50 ppm

0.01 ppm


0-1 ppm / 0-10 ppm

0.001 ppm


0-50 ppm / 0-2%

0.015 ppm / 0.005%


0-50 ppm / 0-5%

0.01 ppm / 0.01%





0-2000 ppm

0.5 ppm

Other gases available on request. Please contact us for details



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