How to Find the Magic in Non-Alcoholic Beers

Aussies love their beers, and Aussie culture wants alcohol in their beer. This will never change… Or will it? It was not so long ago that many Aussies smoked. A decade later and smoking has all but died out (no pun intended).

A similar shift in societal thinking is happening with Alcohol. Whether it is the road toll issues, related crimes or general health/lifestyle factors, people are slowly starting to shift their views towards excessive drinking, or more correctly, excessive alcohol. However, a major obstacle to change, is the loss in taste of low/no alcohol beer. As you know, some low alcohol beers taste surprisingly good, and some are … meh

Here is where we can provide some magic for you

What if we said, that along with extracting the alcohol, and the inevitable extraction of flavour, we could capture (i) the alcohol AND (ii) the flavour…and then (iii) reunite the salvaged flavour with the Alcohol-Free beer.

Let us be more precise, by Alcohol free, we mean 0.01% to 0.4 vol ABV. If Low Alcohol beer is your target, then let’s minimize the loss of flavour at the outset by separating out the alcohol at much lower temperature (40-45C) under vacuum and blend the dealcoholized beer with the mother beer or another brew. As you know, temperature is the enemy of flavour loss, and Centec removes the alcohol at temperature significantly less than your pasteurization temperatures.

If we can achieve these low ABV targets for you without losing flavour, your customer could enjoy having their flavoursome beers with their colleagues after work without fear of exceeding limits. More importantly they are not compromising the state of their health or mind.

How can you get on the leading edge of this inevitable shift towards the Low Alcohol market?

Start by looking at the Centec DeAlcoTec information below. If you are one of the market pioneers in Low or No Alcohol Beer, you will have all your customers on board for the shift to flavour-rich Low Alcohol beer. It has happened in Europe. It is now growing in the USA. It will happen in Australia. Your business decision is whether you will lead the market or follow once it has established its market share. We will help you either way

You already know the name Centec, so it won’t come as a surprise that Centec has DeAlcoTec installations throughout Europe, Costa Rica, the USA, and South Africa and with these customers production of Dealcoholized beer is from 3hL/hr to100hL/hr.

Characteristics of the Centec DeAlcoTec system:

  • Applicable for beer, wine and cider
  • Based on the principle of counter current vacuum distillation (see below)
  • Gentle processing of the product due to low pressure technology
  • Minimized loss of product and aroma
  • Fully automated operation and process control
  • Various option available (e.g. aroma recovery, alcohol concentration)

Functionality of the Centec DeAlcoTec system:

  • After gentle pre-heating, the product is degassed (including CO2 removal)
  • It is then sent to the top of the distillation column
  • Inside the distillation column there is vacuum
  • The product flows down inside the distillation column
  • Due to the vacuum, the alcohol becomes a gas at about 38 °C
  • Hot vapor flowing in counter current to the product removes the alcohol
  • The resulting alcohol-free product is collected at the bottom of the distillation column
  • It is then chilled and carbonated
  • The alcohol-rich exhaust vapor can be concentrated delivering sellable alcohol
  • Aroma from vapor/CO2 is recycled to the product by a recovery system

ProDetec is the exclusive representative of Centec in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.

Give us a call or send us an email if you want to further discuss this potential growth to your business.

About Centec

Centec is a strong, privately owned group of companies with a focus on processing industries. Production facilities are in Germany, in the Czech Republic and in the US. They have a global structure for sales and service. This outstanding infrastructure allows efficient logistics, short lead times and strict adherence to delivery deadlines. The quality of our products is outstanding, so is the price-performance ratio.

About ProDetec

ProDetec was established in 2003 and is a quality ISO9001 company with an extensive client base throughout Australia and New Zealand. ProDetec is focused on client satisfaction and process efficiency. We have in-house and on-site service & commissioning capabilities and a team of qualified engineers.