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With over a hundred years’ experience and based in Northern France, OLDHAM specialises in designing and manufacturing fixed gas detection systems, gas detection controllers and flame detectors. Recognised worldwide for their quality and reliability, Oldham products are used for many applications: oil and gas industry, offshore exploration and production, petrochemical and food industries, wastewater treatment, automotive sector, pharmaceutical industry, power plants and many others.

Oldham OLCT100 Gas Detector

OLCT100 Gas Detector

Designed for the detection of explosive gases, toxic gases or oxygen, this combustible gas detector comes with Wheatstone bridge output (OLC 100) or 4-20mA output (OLCT 100). Whatever your application ProDetec offers a solution: catalytic, electrochemical, semiconductor, or poison control version. IEC Ex approved, these detectors are available in explosion safe or intrinsically safe versions. SIL 2 certified according to EN 50402.

Oldham iTrans 2 Gas Detector

iTrans 2 Gas Detector

The iTrans2 infrared gas detector employs an intelligent electronics platform to provide one or two points of detection from a single head for maximum flexibility, superior performance, and lower installation costs. With the optional HART Communication Protocol, the iTrans2 offers remote diagnostics, set-up, or calibration by superimposing a high-frequency current across the industry standard 4-20mA analog line.

Oldham CTX300 Gas Detector

CTX300 Gas Detector

When hazardous levels of toxic gases or oxygen threaten the safety of an unclassified area, the CTX 300 detector can satisfy the most demanding safety requirements. The CTX 300 detector is designed to detect oxygen, toxic and refrigerant gases, and also uses a new sensor for CO2 detection over three different ranges: 0-5000 ppm, 0-5% vol. and 0-100% vol. 

Oldham OLCT10N Gas Detector

OLCT10N Gas Detector

Digital combustible detector for oxygen, toxic or combustible gases.

The OLCT 10N is a digital combustible gas detector designed for to detect combustible, toxic gases or oxygen. Non-intrusive operator interface requires only a simple magnetic wand and allows one man calibration without opening the enclosure.

Oldham OLCT10 Gas Detector

OLCT10 Gas Detector

Designed for use in boiler rooms and parking garages, the OLCT 10 and OLC 10 monitors give you the most cost-effective solution for the continuous monitoring of toxic (OLCT 10) or flammable gases (OLCT 10, OLC 10) and vapours in ambient air. Easy to install and operate, these detectors combined with the MX 32 control unit meet demanding user requirements.

Oldham SpyGlass Open Path Combustible Gas Detector

SpyGlass Open Path Combustible Gas Detector

The Spyglass system detects hydrocarbon gases by analysing the absorption of radiation caused by gases in the atmosphere and comparing it to background atmospheric absorption. This is accomplished between a pair of units: a Flash Source and a Detector that can monitor a distance of up to 200 metres. 

Spyglass Gas Detectors are robustly designed and can handle the toughest environments: 316L stainless steel housings that meet IP66/IP68 and NEMA 250 6P egress standards; circuit boards epoxy coated for protection; MIL-C-810C testing for humidity, salt, fog, vibration, mechanical shock and temperature extremes; and SIL-2 approval per IEC61508 is a final statement in reliability. 

Oldham MultiFlame FV-40 Series Flame Detector

MultiFlame FV-40 Series Flame Detector

The FV-40 Series includes the latest technology for the best detection and resistance to false alarms, while keeping budgets in mind. All units feature heated sensor windows to eliminate condensation and icing, sensitivity selection, multiple regulatory approvals and flexible communication options, including 3-color LED, 0-20mA, HART® Protocols, RS-485 and MODBUS®. Robustly designed to handle tough work environments, FV-40 Flame Detectors showcase long-life and high-reliability features 

Oldham MX16 Single Channel Controller

MX16 Single Channel Controller

The MX 16 is a compact digital or analog controller, one input, low-profile controller that continuously monitors gas detection and more generally to the processing of any 4-20 mA, on/off or compatible digital signal.

Oldham MX32 Multi Channel Controller

MX32 Multi Channel Controller

The new MX 32, a controller that takes analog & digital inputs and covers all needs for a wide variety of applications. The MX 32 is a compact, low-profile controller that continuously monitors gas detection and more generally any 4-20 mA, MODBUS RS485 signal from compatible detectors.

Oldham MX43 SIL-1 Certified Gas Detection Controller

MX43 SIL-1 Certified Gas Detection Controller

SIL-1 Certified MX 43 is a Flexible, High Quality, Easy to Use Gas Detection System 

Fully scalable, and designed to functional safety performance level 1 standards, the MX 43 is an analog and digital controller that continuously measures and controls gases in the atmosphere. The MX 43 gas detector manages both digital lines and analog channels and covers all needs for a wide variety of gas monitoring applications. The MX 43 digital technology allows up to 32 detectors to be distributed on 8 lines for increased cost savings. 

Oldham MX52 2- 16 Channel Gas Detection Controller

MX52 2- 16 Channel Gas Detection Controller

The MX 52 control unit allows various detectors to be connected and monitored. Any gas detector from Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection or any other 4-20 mA device can be monitored and controlled. The modular design and flexibility enable this MX 52 gas detection equipment to be adapted to your exact requirements.

Oldham MX62 64 Channel Gas Detection Controller

MX62 64 Channel Gas Detection Controller

An attractive solution for gas and flame detection needs, the MX 62 is a modular and flexible controller that is easy to install and reduces operational costs. The MX 62 system meets the requirements of ATEX 100 A and offers the high level of security required by SK2 and SIL3 rated systems.