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Sigrist ColorPlus Ex

ColorPlus Ex

The ColorPlus Ex, in both inline and bypass configurations, is designed to accommodate up to three different light sources (UV and visible range) for the measurement of color, DOC and concentrations. For example, one (or two), of the colours can be used to measure concentration, and the third light source can be used for turbidity compensation, if turbidity is a potential complicating factor in your process.

This ColorPlus Ex version features a flameproof encapsulation and is offered for installations in areas requiring explosion protection.


Sigrist Sirel Ex

Sirel Ex

The Sirel Ex is the hazardous area Operator Interface for the ColorPlus Ex (colour and UV) and DualScat Ex (turbidity). The Sirel Ex has simple installation specifically for mounting in an Ex-zone with user controls and display. The display of the unit is visible through a safety window at any time.

Sigrist SICON


The control unit SICON uses state-of-the-art touch screen technology with colour display. It allows simple operation using logical menu guidance. The user can select how results are displayed, either as plain values, graphs or historical data, including the indication of system and alarm status.

The control unit SICON offers all possibilities of full system integration using various interface options. A SD card is standard and can be used for data logging with almost unlimited storage capacity.

The SICON is available as a control unit for a single instrument, or the SICON M Control Unit which allows simple operation of several instruments up to a maximum of 8 measuring channels.

Sigrist BactoSense


This automatic flow cytometer has been specially developed according to the needs of the water industry for the microbiological monitoring of drinking water. The BactoSense does not and cannot replace your Laboratory. Rather it is a tool to be used for very rapid response to a bacterial outbreak or even for a sensitive change to the bacterial profile(Sigrist call it your “finger print)”of a part of your water treatment process, and other important applications. For example it can be online 24/7monitoring the outlet of your WTP. If an aberration is detected, samples can be brought to the BactoSense to determine the location of the bacterial incident. Similarly, because of its portability, the BactoSense can be taken to remote parts of your distribution network for a spot check, as well as your recycled water plant….even Council swimming pools.