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StuvEx can provide the right explosion protection system. They offer Truck Earthing Systems, Explosion Suppression and Prevention, Explosion Venting and Isolation and Process Fire Extinguishing.

Stuvex TES01 Truck Earthing System

TES01 Truck Earthing System

Loading and unloading of tanker trucks with liquids or powders can generate static electricity that could cause sparks discharging. The Stuvex TES01-V2 earthing verification system has been designed to detect a low electrical resistance between the clamp jaws that are attached to the truck’s earthing point. 

Stuvex S604 and S804 Static Discharge Systems

S604 and S804 Static Discharge Systems

An electrostatic charge can be generated while handling conductive liquids or powders.  A resistive system (S604) recognises the low conductive resistance of the object and of fixed installations. It is meant for general use with barrels, carts, metal objects. Uncontrolled electrostatic discharge when filling or unloading big bags is a frequent source of ignition. The earthing Control System (S804) recognises the conductivity of an FIBC (Big Bag) type C.

Stuvex StuVent Explosion Venting

StuVent Explosion Venting

The oldest and most frequently used explosion protection technique is explosion venting. That means that weak points are deliberately introduced in the equipment in a controlled way. In case of an explosion, these weak points will open, and the explosion pressure is released. It is not easy to calculate and correctly position the right venting surface. 

Stuvex RSV Fast Shutting Gate Valve

RSV Fast Shutting Gate Valve

RSV fast shutting gate valves prevent propagation of dust explosions by blocking the shock wave and flame. RSV fast shutting gate valves are active valves closing in a matter of milliseconds when triggered by a spark or explosion detector. 

Stuvex Flame Catcher

Flame Catcher

In case of an explosion, the Flame Catcher prevents flames from propagating beyond the Flame Catcher.

Stuvex NOVEX Passive Explosion Isolation Flap Valve

NOVEX Passive Explosion Isolation Flap Valve

The NOVEX series is a protective system consists of passive non-return flap valves for the explosion isolation of combustible dust. The main application for the NOVEX valves is for explosion isolation on pipelines at inlet of dedusting filters operating under vacuum and protected by autonomous explosion vent panels. 

Stuvex Flash Explosion Suppression System

Flash Explosion Suppression System

Based on the Flash explosion suppression system and operating in a similar manner, Flash chemical barriers are capable of detection an explosion in an early stage by means of pressure or flame detectors. 

Stuvex VENTEX Passive Isolation Valve

VENTEX Passive Isolation Valve

Ventex explosion isolation valves prevent propagation of dust explosions by blocking the shock wave and flame front. Ventex valves are passive valves meaning they will close without requiring any external input.