Gas Recycling Program

Once the calibration gas cylinders are relieved of pressure they are NOT considered hazardous material or waste. Nearly all of our mixtures contain only a very small amount of a hazardous chemical(s) as a minor component in the gas mixture requested. The fact that it is such a small amount (usually in the ppm range) always precludes the gas mixture from ever being classified as hazardous.

Our EcoSmart cylinder program is an environmentally-friendly way to reduce waste caused by empty cylinders. We have six EcoSmart cylinder sizes and offer a free, easy way to return used cylinders for future use.


Proudly Announce

Calibration Gas Cylinder Recycling Program

ProDetec recognise that there is a need for an earth conscious replacement of disposable calibration gas cylinders. We recognise a green initiative for a cleaner environment is required, from the 1st of August 2016 the following program will be launched. The Ecosmart program has solved the issue of what to do with empty cylinders. There is now a true pathway to return cylinders that offers an end of life recycling program.

  • All recyclable cylinders are identified by a blue neck
  • All cylinders will come with an M/T Plug – This is the green tool that makes returning the cylinders simple and safe.
  • Do not discard the eco M/T Plug. Keep it in a safe place to use when returning your Ecosmart cylinder.
  • Free cylinder return to ProDetec
ProDetec Calibration and Test Gas Gas Recycling Program
ProDetec Calibration and Test Gas Gas Recycling Program
  1. Before returning cylinder, twist M/T into valve, releasing any excess pressure
  2. Return empty cylinder to ProDetec with M/T plug installed
  3. Remove label via perforated strip; empty sticker is shown
  4. Pack in appropriate packing.
  5. Call ProDetec on 02 9620 8700 to arrange free pick up
ProDetec Calibration and Test Gas Gas Recycling Program