INCA 4000 Series

Modular measuring device for indoor installation with a gas cooler, max. 10 sampling points

The devices of the INCA4000 series are self-priming multi-component gas analysers for analysis of condensate-containing sample gas; exception: the INCA4004 version is used for condensate-free sample gas The devices of this series are specially designed for indoor installation and are available in different versions.



Technical Description – Multi Gas Analysers – INCA Series

INCA is a modular freely user configurable measurement device for multi-component gas analysis in the bio and natural gas industries. Thousands of INCA devices are operating in the gas industry all over the world.

The INCA concept is designed to provide a custom-made analysis system for specific application using standard modules for: sample gas supply, sample gas processing, sensor control and data processing. This approach guarantees the best possible analysis results, optimized cost structure in production and operation, short delivery times and facilitates retrofitting and/or replacement of components in the future.

The INCA measurement technology is an independent technical unit in which all components like sensors, pumps, valves, and more are mounted on a carrier plate and connected to the control unit via an internal device bus. The individual assembly with sensors (via sensor modules) is determined by customer’s specifically required application.

This measurement unit is – in a second step – configured as a complete device system-solution with enclosures for in- and outdoor areas or even EX-areas. It is available with or without gas cooler or measuring point switching.

The modular design concept leads to variable specifications for intended applications of the INCA devices.

The devices of the series INCA1000 and INCA3000 do overlap in their application possibilities. The cost and size-related benefit is up to INCA1000 whereas the INCA3000 offers a greater variety in performance and possibilities.

Union Instruments INCA 4000 Series

A Closer Look

Union Instruments INCA 4000 Series
  • Modular design -flexible configuration
  • High quality design for harsh operating conditions
  • Patented μPulse technology for H2S measurement
  • Wear monitoring of electrochemical sensors
  • Automatic measuring cycles or external control
  • Internal flow monitoring
  • Pre-calibrated spare sensors
  • Remote control function

The Specs at a Glance

Measurement Parameters

  • Methane
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Hydrogen
  • Higher hydrocarbons (C 2+)
  • Specific gravity
  • Calorific value, Wobbe index (calculated)

μPulse system

  • Enables H2S measuring range 0-10.000 ppm
  • Highest measurement accuracy
  • Only one sensor for a wide measuring range
  • Extended sensor lifetime
  • Overflow protection
Union Instruments INCA 4000 Series
Union Instruments INCA 4000 Series

Typical Biogas Plant

Union Instruments INCA 4000 Series

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