Site Sentinel CXT Wireless Controller

The Detcon SmartWireless® CXT controller is a multi-channel mobile gas detection control system that may be wall mounted or mounted on a Detcon tripod accessory. The CXT can be utilised for
self-contained gas detection, display/alarm system package or wirelessly connected to the main network. The controller offers a non-intrusive magnetic interface with back-lit LCD display that supports either wireless or a hard wire connection to gas detection sensors. The CXT is equipped with an auto configure system to automatically search for Detcon equipment associated with the controller.



Technical Description – Site Sentinel CXT Wireless Controller

Command functions include alarm reset, alarm acknowledge, alarm test and radio silence. In normal operation the control panel provides real time display of gas concentrations or the status of other field devices; battery charge levels, network RF signal quality and any number of fault diagnostic conditions affecting either an individual field device or the entire network. These fault conditions are displayed on the control screen. 

A Closer Look

Options include audio alarm, visual alarm, external alarm port, alarm reset switch and up to 4 external wired sensor inputs. Standard features include a power-in port and power switch. 

The control panel is rated for Class 1, Division 2; Groups A, B, C, D hazardous areas. Operator interface is non-intrusive via magnetic contact switches located behind the glass lens cover. 

This advanced design takes advantage of a low power LCD with back light and ultra-low power components. Power is provided by an internal rechargeable battery and/or 11.5 to 30VDC. Operating time is 1-2 months before recharge is required. An optional solar charging panel can be used to extend operating time for virtually any application. 

Depending on the application and the types of flames most likely to be encountered in a facility, personnel can choose from a wide range of detector offerings to meet the facility’s detection needs. Detectors include Single IR, Triple IR (IR3), Multi IR, UV, UV/IR2.5μm, UV/IR4.5μm and Ultra-Fast UV/IR detectors. As an additional option, detectors can be ordered with or without built-in test (BIT) capability. 

The Specs at a Glance

System Specifications 

Capacity: 32 I/O Channels 

Sensor Inputs:Up to 4 Analog 4-20mA or up to 32 wireless sensors 

Outputs: 4 switched alarm outputs, (11VDC) 

Warranty: One year 

Environmental Specifications 

1) Operating Temperature: -20C to +60C (for field use where battery pack is only discharging) 

2) Operating Temperature: 0C to +40C (for non-hazardous indoor area where battery is only charging) 

Storage Temperature: –40C to +85C 

Humidity: 0-99%RH, non-condensing 

Altitude: 0 – 2000m 

Electrical Specifications 

Battery Charger Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, Max Current 1.5 Amps 

Battery Charger Output: 24 +/- 0.1 VDC nominal, Max Current 3.25 Amps 

Internal Battery Pack: Rechargeable Lithium–Ion, 9-11.2 VDC, 17.4Ah capacity 

External Alarm Connectors: ‘Wet’: 9-11.1 VDC, 2A max total (A1, A2, A3, and FLT outputs 


‘Dry’: Dry contact 120-220VAC/24VDC, 2A max 

Sensor Input Connectors: 9-11.1 VDC, 100mA max per connector 

RFI/EMI Protection: Complies with EN61326 

Electrical Classification: NEMA 4X, Class I Division 2 Groups A,B,C,D 

Data Sheet – Site Sentinel CXT Wireless Controller