StuVent Explosion Venting

The oldest and most frequently used explosion protection technique is explosion venting. That means that weak points are deliberately introduced in the equipment in a controlled way. In case of an explosion, these weak points will open, and the explosion pressure is released. It is not easy to calculate and correctly position the right venting surface. 



Technical Description – StuVent Explosion Venting

A simple and affordable solution.

An explosion vent is an ATEX ‘safety system’ for the venting of explosion pressure. Its efficient functioning as a safety system depends on the right venting area and the correct positioning on the process equipment. See also EN 14491.

A Closer Look

Main features

  • Suitable both for dust and gas explosions
  • 100% efficiency
  • Usable with underpressure and overpressure
  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Smooth interior surface eliminates ‘dead corners’
  • Also available with thermal insulation in high temperature version
Stuvex StuVent Explosion Venting

The Specs at a Glance

  • The STUVENT explosion vent can be used for dust, gas and hybrid mixtures.
  • For processes with both overpressure and vacuum.
  • The STUVENT explosion vent is made of stainless steel.
  • Various gaskets are available: for high temperatures, for food and hygienic environments
  • and with FDA approval.
  • To avoid problems with condensation, an insulation layer up to 100 mm thick can be applied to all disc types

Data Sheet – Systems and Parts

Process Introduction

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