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    CO2 Measurement in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

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    The content of carbon dioxide (CO2) has a strong influence on the quality and taste of beer, sparkling wine, soft drinks, mineral water and various other carbonated products. Therefore, breweries and other beverage and food companies continuously measure and control CO2 concentrations with highest precision throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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  • Extract and Alcohol Measurement after Fermentation

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    Brewing is divided into milling, malting, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, storage, filtering and filling. Fermentation begins after yeast is added to the cooled wort. During this stage fermentable sugars are metabolized mainly into alcohol and CO2.

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  • O2 Measurement in Pure Gases such as CO2 and N2

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    In breweries and other beverage and food companies carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or nitrogen (N2) are used for manufacturing. In order to avoid O2 pick-up from such gases, the O2 content in CO2 and/or N2 needs to be measured with highest precision.

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  • RHOTEC Extract

    Extract Measurement during Lautering or Boiling

    Breweries need to measure the extract concentration with precision to maintain beer quality. For the measurement of this 2-component system consisting of water and extract both density and sound velocity sensors can be used. RHOTEC is often preferred because of its even higher accuracy compared to SONATEC.

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