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Explosion & Fire Suppression

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  • MP202E

    StuvEx FLASH - Explosion suppression System

    - Flexible and modular
    - Suitable for food processing applications
    - No pressure vessels, explosives or internal moving parts
    - Gas generators with a very long life span (up to 10 years)
    - ATEX certified

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  • StuvEx Switch cabinet fire protection

    In the event of a fire, the electric system plays a double role:
    - It can generate the energy required for the ignition.
    - It provides the combustible material needed for the spreading of the fire.

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  • StuvEx Fire protection UHF furnaces/hot air tunnels

    Vulcanisation of rubber profiles takes place in a continuous process in UHF installations and hot air tunnels, which are powered by electricity or gas. The profile travels at a constant speed on the continuous processing lines. Optimum vulcanisation is achieved at temperatures between 200 and 500 °C.

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  • StuvEx SIL2 Temperature control

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    SIL2/3 rated

    We have designed our temperature control system for applications where failure is not an option. Two temperature detectors are supplied standard, which makes the entire package SIL 2 compliant. To optimise operational safety, you should connect the control unit to an external UPS.

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