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Dust Explosion Venting

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    StuvEx Explosion Venting

    The oldest and most frequently used explosion protection technique is explosion venting. That
    means that weak points are deliberately introduced in the equipment in a controlled way. In case of an explosion, these weak points will open and the explosion pressure is released.

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  • StuvEx STUVENT rupture disc

    - Suitable both for dust and gas explosions
    - 100% efficiency
    - Usable with underpressure and overpressure
    - Simple and fast mounting
    - Also available with isolation in high temperature version
    - ATEX certified

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  • StuvEx REFLEX explosion vent

    - Suitable for both dust and gas explosions
    - 100% efficient
    - Can be used with both underpressure and overpressure
    - Fast and easy mounting
    - Can easily be re-used

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  • StuvEx Integrated flame arrester

    Explosion venting towards the inside
    If a traditional rupture disc is not an option, the INDOORVENT is a simple and economical alternative.

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  • StuvEx DQS-discharge quenching system

    - Universally applicable
    - Self-closing via spring pressure
    - Maintenance free
    - ATEX certified
    Explosion venting device with integrated DQS discharge quenching system
    For pressure venting
    When a traditional venting device, e.g. a bursting disc, cannot be used, DQS offers a very economical alternative.

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  • Technical Article - Explosion Venting

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    The oldest and, especially with dust explosions, most frequently used protection technique still is explosion venting: in the equipment to be protected weak points are introduced in a controlled way.

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