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Application Solutions for Hygiene Industry

Baby diapers and personal sanitary products are produced using similar technology. Pulp is milled and transferred to a forming station where Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) are added. The pulp is then sucked onto a polymer film by a vacuum system which is effectively a dust extraction system. Overfeeding or malfunction of the mills can cause ignition, as can problems at the forming head or fan failure. Ignition sources can ignite the product, in the worst case while in storage, or it can ignite collected dust in the dust removal system (dust filter). The result can be devastating fires resulting in damages and costly production downtime.

  • Firefly Diaper Line Protection System

    The focus of the Firefly solutions for Diaper and Sanitary Napkin
    Lines is to detect a beginning incident in an early stage and act before
    a fire or dust explosion has occurred.

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  • mill room

    Firefly Quick Suppression System - Mill room

    Extremely fast detection and suppression of flames.
    Optimised for the dusty environment.
    Insensitive to daylight and other common disturbances.
    Non-invasive water mist.

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  • hygiene filter system 2

    Firefly Quick Suppression System - Filter

    Premium filter manufacturers have succeeded to develop filter systems with sharply reduced or even eliminated risk of dust explosions, but the risk of fire still remains.

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