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Firefly Diaper Line Protection System

The focus of the Firefly solutions for Diaper and Sanitary Napkin Lines is to detect a beginning incident in an early stage and act before a fire or dust explosion has occurred.

The reaction time of the system is very fast, but the key for a successful pro-active system is not only the reaction time. Firefly uses specially developed true IR detectors that will detect sparks and flames as well as hot (black) friction particles. Hot friction particles are often the first indication of a beginning problem in these type of processes.

Also the location of the detectors is critical in order to ensure an optimal function of the system. All Firefly detectors are insensitive to daylight, meaning that they can be located close to plexi-glass windows without causing false positives. Firefly has over 30 years of experience from diaper processes and the Firefly engineers will help you to find the correct location of the equipment.

Diaper line

After an ignition source has been detected, quick action needs to be taken to avoid ignition of the handled material. Firefly has a huge range of isolation valves that can be used in combination with CO² gas or other inert gases. Depending on the application, Firefly can also offer solution with diverter valves, to quickly divert the ignition sources out from the process or offer solutions with quick acting water spray systems.

The Firefly solution is supplied as a complete system, including a Firefly control panel. This will ensure quick response times and an optimal function of the system.

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