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mill room

Firefly Quick Suppression System - Mill room

It is well known that the mill itself is one of the main generators of ignition sources. Fires do not only occur inside the process, dust accumulated on top of the mill itself can also ignite, causing a fire in the mill room. Mills are often located inside an enclosure with limited view for operators. A fire can therefore be difficult to notice in time which will give the fire a possibility to spread.

The Firefly Quick Suppression System for mill rooms is based on ultra-fast optical flame detectors that will quickly detect flames around the mills. The detection is combined with a non-invasive, quick acting water mist suppression system. The Firefly water mist is designed to efficiently suppress flames with a minimal usage of water.

mill room system

The Firefly Quick Suppression System for mill room can be complemented with Firefly MGD (electronic nose), for early detection of combustion gases inside the mill room.

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