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Firefly Eximio Systems

Changing the world of industrial fire protection

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  • Firefly Protection

    Principals of Spark Detection Systems

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    Firefly Spark & Flame Detection

    A spark detection system consists of a detector that identifies dangerous particles (ignition sources) in process flows. Once a particle is detected, it is within milliseconds automatically extinguished before it can create a fire or a dust explosion.

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  • firefly eximio 622811

    Firefly Eximio

    EXIMIO differentiates itself through:
    - Higher safety through unique and patented technology
    - User-friendliness
    - Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    - Higher service level

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  • Firefly Eximio Ver2

    Firefly Eximio - Premium Spark Detection Solutions

    With 40 years of experience in providing preventive fire protection to the process industries, Firefly now offers its new system generation, EXIMIO. With robust products designed for the
    toughest industrial environments, Firefly provides premium safety solutions for the worldwide process industries.

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