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Fire Protection Solutions: Food Manufacturing

The food industry cannot be generalised as it contains a wide range of processes. One common denominator for the food industry is that its materials are fine, dry, and in most cases organic. These materials can ignite and explode if an ignition source is present in a layer or within a dust cloud. We have the ideal Spark, Hot Ember and Flame Detection and extinguishing solutions for the various applications in food manufacturing or packaging.

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  • bakescan

    Fire protection solutions for baked products

    Search filters:
    Firefly Solutions (Food)

    High temperatures in the process can cause overheating of the baked products, which many times turn into flames or embers.

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  • milk

    Fire protection solutions for milk powder spray dryers

    Search filters:
    Firefly Solutions (Food)

    One of the main risks in a spray dryer is material build-up inside the dryer

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  • cereal1

    Fire protection solutions for the cereal production industry

    Search filters:
    Firefly Solutions (Food)

    Overheated cereals that are transported in the process are one of the main causes of the fire-related problems in the cereal production industry.

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  • cocoa1

    Fire protection solutions for cocoa industry

    Search filters:
    Firefly Solutions (Food)

    In the cocoa / chocolate food industry materials are fine and dry. These materials can ignite and explode once an ignition source is present whether in a layer or in a dust cloud.

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