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Fire protection solutions for baked products

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Firefly Solutions (Food)

Fire protection solutions for baked products
Baked products are always exposed to high temperatures from ovens. Taking into account that almost all baked products have ignition temperatures very close to the average oven operation temperature, there is a constant latent risk that products will burn. This risk increases due to possible failures in temperature calibration of ovens and maintenance issues. High temperatures in the process can cause overheating of the baked products, which many times turn into flames or embers. This can lead into possible damages of the cooling and transport band, as well as bad product quality and possible packaging problems.

Firefly BakeScanTM
Firefly’s BakeScan™solution is designed to detect and extinguish glowing pieces and flames on transportation belts of baked product processes, including biscuits, tortillas, baked crisps and cereals.  The system detects glowing pieces or flames at the very low speed associated with baked food production. Water mist suppression enables the process to continue without warping the belt or creating risks to hygiene, and avoids temperature stress on the cooling belts. The Firefly BakeScan™ system prevents damage to the cooling and transportation belts which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace.


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