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Technical Information - Firefly Systems

Information below is included here to help you understand why using a Firefly System to protect your process and plant is the right choice.

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  • visual representation of spark at 700 degrees

    False alarms due to light with conventional spark detectors

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    Most cheaper spark detectors are designed to react to light from a spark and not energy level from a real dangerous hot particle. This can result in false alarms, production stop and expensive clean up afterwards.

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  • Filter

    How to Protect and prevent dust explosions?

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    Every year, many serious fires and explosions occur in industrial plants as a result of dust. Yes, dust. Fine inflammable material is explosive! The statistics speak for themselves. Dust explosions lead to considerable material damage and long production shutdowns.

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  • Fire1

    Risk Assessment by Firefly

    How dangerous is your process??
    How can you avoid fires & explosions??
    Do you handle combustible material (e.g. combustible dust)?
    If so some aspects need to be taken into consideration:

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  • EXIMIO detectors

    Why Firefly?

    With the highest expertise on fire and dust explosions, we can provide you with a fast and reliable protection systems of the highest technical standard. With a unique patented technology based on Infrared (IR) radiation Firefly is able to eliminate both sparks and hot particles in your process.

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  • Fire Trio a

    What can cause Fires or Explosions?

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    An explosion will only occur when three basic conditions are present:
    Explosive material
    Oxygen / Air
    Sources of ignition
    Remove any of these three basic conditions and an explosion will not occur

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  • WNFP10QC

    Efficient extinguishing: the difference between disaster & success

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    Harmless extinguishing is essential. Firefly’s philosophy is that extinguishing itself must not cause problems. Even though our systems are fully automatic, an operator has the ability to manually activate a system.

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  • extinguishin

    Firefly Extinguishing & Isolation Information

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    Different applications and problems of fire require totally different types of extinguishing methods.

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  • FM Approved logo

    Firefly AB sets new standards!

    We are proud to announce that Firefly AB, as the only company in the world, is FM approved for spark detection/extinguishing system with spark detectors detecting hot particles down to ≥250°C (≥482 °F) and for spark detectors detecting down to ≥400°C (752 °F).

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  • Logo Firefly CMYK

    About Firefly AB

    Firefly systems have been in use in Australia and New Zealand since the 1990's. ProDetec successful cooperation with Firefly over the years have lead to the installation of numerous fire protection and explosion prevention systems at some of the largest manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.

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