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Calorimeter CWD

The CWD2005 device series Calorimetry, Wobbe-Index and Specific Density) comprises versions of combustion calorimeters for direct and continuous determination of gas quality

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  • CWD2

    Gas composition and CWD product series

    Measurement parameter:
    * Wobbe-Index ·
    * Calorific value / Heating value ·
    * Specific density ·
    * CARI, air requirement

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  • cwd 2

    CWD2005 | Determination of gas parameters

    Calorimeter for direct and steady determination of the gas quality with increased accuracy. The device is used to determine the gas quality and the associated measured quantities:
    • Calorific value / heating value
    • Wobbe index
    • Specific density

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  • CWD 1

    CWD2005 CT Calorimeter with type approval for fiscal metering

    The CWD2005 CT (Custody transfer) combustion calorimeter has domestic type approval from the German National Metrological Institute (PTB 7.631 08.64) for custody transfer measurement of natural gases and processed biogas as per the German DVGW worksheets G 260 and G262.

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  • CWD2005 PLUS eng small

    CWD2005 PLUS Calorimeter with increased accuracy

    Specially designed for high-calorific gases (natural gas), the CWD2005 Plus (a variant of our CWD2005 basic device) offers higher accuracy and faster display times. This unit also boasts versatility in use thanks to options such as carrier gas supply and measuring range switching. In addition to the normal areas of use in the natural gas field, the CWD2005 Plus is also used for fuel control at refineries and for process control in the glass industry, among other things.

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  • CWD2005 DPC eng small

    CWD2005 DPC Calorimeter for operation in hazardous areas

    The CWD2005 DPC (Direct Purge Certified) is a variant of the CWD2005 for use in hazardous area. The device is used to determine the gas quality and the associated measured quantities:
    • Calorific value / heating value
    • Wobbe index
    • Specific density

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  • CWD2005 SPC 3

    CWD2005 SPC Outdoor calorimeter for operation in hazardous area

    The CWD2005 SPC (System Purge Certified) is an outdoor version of the CWD2005 combustion calorimeter for outdoor installation in hazardous areas (Class I, Division 2; Group B, C, D; T4). Approval is granted after device-specific individual testing by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) North America. The system complies with the NFPA 496, 2013 and ANSI/ISA 1212.01 standards.
    Typical applications are flare gas combustion, gas turbine control, and fuel control in refineries and petrochemical plants.

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  • CWD2000 EX eng small

    CWD2000 EX Calorimeter for operation in hazardous areas

    The CWD2000 Ex is a variant of the CWD5000 with an EC type examination certificate
    (BVS 04 ATEX E 018 X) for use in explosive areas (II 2G Ex d IIA T3 Gb).
    This confirms its approval according to the ATEX Directive using the following standards:
    • EN 60079:2009 General requirements
    • EN 60079:2007 Flameproof enclosures
    The field of application includes natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. It is typically used for process control, such as control of gas turbines on offshore drilling platforms.

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