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INCA & CWD Applications

  • INCA3 sml

    INCA - H2S in digester gas

    Digester gas from waste treatment plants often shows fluctuating and high H2S concentration values. The Multigas-Analyzer INCA solves this challenging application due to its patented sensing technology

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  • INCA4 lrg

    INCA and CWD for efficient operation of Biogas plants

    The changing gas markets open new opportunities for Biogas plant operators and increase the importance of gas measuring equipment. CWD and INCA are powerful and cost efficient
    analyzers for this application.

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  • INCA gas analyzer for compensation of gas property variations

    The INCA gas analyzer supports a new closed-loop control concept for compensation of gas property variations in a container glass factory The glass industry must take into account the increasingly unstable combustion gas qualities in their closed-loop control concepts. A cooperative effort between gas analysis and glass technology specialists has produced an innovative and cost-effective solution for this.

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