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INCA - MutliGas Analysers

The modular design concept leads to variable specifications for intended applications of the INCA devices.

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  • INCA2

    INCA - Series and Applications

    INCA is a modular freely user configurable measurement device for multi-component gas analysis in the bio and natural gas industries. The INCA concept is designed to provide an analysis system custom made for a specific application using standard modules for sample gas supply, sample gas processing, sensor control and data processing.

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  • INCA1000 Series

    * Condensate-free Gases.
    * Indoor installations
    * CH4; CO2; H2S; O2, H2 & Higher Hydrocabons (C2+)

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  • INCA 1

    INCA3000 Series

    The devices of the INCA3000 series are multicomponent gas analyzers for analysis of condensate-free sample gas. The devices of this series are specially designed for indoor installation and are available in different versions:
    INCA3021 &

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