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Application Notes & Technichal Solutions

The measurement of turbidity in the beverage industry is firmly connected with the name SIGRIST. Today SIGRIST instruments are successfully used in the wine, spirits and soft drink industries. Anyone who chooses SIGRIST products places particular value on quality, high value creation, sustainability and low energy consumption.

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  • Wine Industry 1

    SIGRIST process photometer in the wine industry

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    SIGRIST Tech Info

    Of special interest here are the applications in large wine bottling plants where a continuously high quality has to be guaranteed. This necessitates reliable monitoring of various processes which include: the drainage of tanks during the delivery of grape juice, the fining process to eliminate unwanted turbidity or the filtration of the wine.

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  • Alcohol and Spirit shot

    SIGRIST process photometer in the spirits industry

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    SIGRIST Tech Info

    SIGRIST has a long association within the distilling industry. The main applications are the control and monitoring of the filtration process as well as ensuring the quality of the product by laboratory measurements.

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  • bottled water

    SIGRIST process photometer in water treatment

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    In mineral water production plants, optical clarity – in addition to its mineral content and its bacteriological safety – is an important criterion for consumer acceptance. In this respect, the continuous measurement of turbidity provides quality assurance and documentation of perfect water quality.

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  • soft drink industry

    SIGRIST process photometer in the soft drink industry

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    SIGRIST Tech Info

    Detection of phase transitions in the filling plant

    Monitoring of filtration process

    Colour of the sugar solution

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