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Sigrist AquaDMS - Water Disinfection Measuring System

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The measuring system includes everything needed for disinfectant measurement: instrument, sensor, assembly and wiring – pre-mounted on a measuring panel. The system is used for measuring: Free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide. Measuring parameter and measuring range can be chosen in the menu. The integrated armature ensures a constant flow of approx. 30 l/h. As a consequence the system provides stable, precise and reliable measuring values. Flow fluctuations are not any longer shown up in the measuring curves as long as a water inlet flow of above 35l/h is guaranteed. For measuring free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide or Ozone a double gold sensor is used, for measuring in brine a special graphite-platinum sensor is available. For the measurement of Hydrogen Peroxide, a double platinum sensor is used. Temperature and flow is guarded by a further sensor, which additionally can be used for grounding. The control unit with touch screen operation includes an input for the measurement and temperature, one digital input, one analogue output and alarm relay, as well as an automatic sensor cleaning. Optionally, a system with integrated pH-measuring electrode is available which compensates pH fluctuations. The complete system is pressure resistant up to 6 bars at 20°C.


Potentiostatic measurement of one of the following parameters

  • Free Chlorine (HClO, hypochloric acid)
  • Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)
  • Ozone (O3)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)


  • Treatment of drinking water
  • Beverage production
  • Food production
  • Process water in various industries


  • Complete and pre-assembled system: Mount – connect water – measure
  • Configurations with/without pH compensation
  • Stabilized waterflow
  • Automatic sensor cleaning function
  • No zero drift
  • Direct measurement
  • Result is available within seconds


Measuring principle:

Potentiostatic measurement

Measuring span:

Free Chlorine: 0 .. 20 mg/l


Chlorine Dioxide: 0 .. 20 mg/l,


upon request 0 .. 30 mg/l


Ozone: 0 .. 20 mg/l


Hydrogen Peroxide: 0 .. 30 mg/l

Measuring range:

Freely programmable except


for H2O2, Standard 0 .. 5 mg/l

Measurment precision:

+/- 2 % full scale


0.01 mg/l

Sample temperature:

0 °C .. +50 °C

Maximum pressure:

6 bar @ 20 °C

Conductivity of sample:

minimum 50 μS/cm

pH of sample:

6 .. 9 (for free Chlorine 6 .. 8)

Ambient temperature:

0 °C .. +50 °C

Ambient humidity:

0 .. 90 % rel. @ 40 °C


IP 65

Supply voltage:

85 .. 265 VAC, 50 .. 60 Hz

Power consumption maximum:

10 VA

Water connection:

Outside Ø 8 mm,


Sample flow 35 .. 400 l/hour

Control unit



1 – 5 × 0/4 .. 20 mA


1 × Relay 250 VAC, 4 A,




1 × digital (NO/NC)

Digital interface:




Wall mounting plate:




Control units:



Glass, Gold, Platinum, Graphite

Complete system

A pre-assembled system with the following components depending on the configuration:

  • Intelligent control system
  • Flow regulator
  • Automatic sensor cleaning
  • Sensor to measure disinfectant
  • Sensor to measure pH
  • Mount – connect water – measure.

Potentiostatic Measurement

With this principle, the sensor is in direct contact with the medium to be measured:

  • Measured value available within seconds.
  • No membranes.
  • No electrolyte to be refilled.

Flow regulator

Stable water flow is most critical for the potentiostatic measurement of disinfectants. The flow regulator guarantees:

  • Minimum needed flow stability.
  • Precise measurement during long periods of time.


All sensors are equipped with the automatic sensor cleaning function ASR®. The cleaning interval can be chosen freely and is at least 24 hours:

  • No manual cleaning is necessary.
  • No chemical additives are necessary.
  • Long calibration cycles.
  • ASR® eliminates coatings of organic and inorganic material (limestone, fat, iron- & manganese oxides, etc).

Intelligent control system

Control unit with touch screen technology and color display.

  • Values, alarm- and status messages can be presented.
  • MicroSD-card for data storage and software update.


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