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Earth Monitoring Systems

Static electricity is a frequent source of ignition. An electrostatic charge can be generated while handling conductive liquids or powders. This in turn can lead to the electrical charging of conductive objects such as barrels, filling pipes, tanker trucks, FIBCs (Big Bags), etc.

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    Earth Monitoring

    When combustible products are loaded/off-loaded from a tanker truck there is a risk of an explosion occurring due to ignition caused by a static discharge from the truck itself. To prevent this occurring the truck must be connected to earth and fully discharged before loading can proceed.

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  • earth monitoring 604 a

    Earthing Control S604 - resistive system

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    Earth Monitoring

    A resistive system (StuvEx S604) recognises the low conductive resistance of the object and of fixed installations. It is meant for general use with barrels, carts, railway wagons, metal objects.

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  • Big Bag Earthing 804

    Earthing Control S804 - Big Bag

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    Earth Monitoring

    A conductive system (StuvEx S804) recognises the conductivity of an FIBC (Big Bag) type C, and reacts only to this application

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