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Tunnel Fires and Visibility Sensors

Smart Fire & Visibility Sensors

  • Sigrist FireGuard 2

    The Sigrist FireGuard detects emerging fires already at their early stages (cold smoke). The sensor uses the available natural air stream in the tunnel. The sensor is very compact and has neither movable parts nor wear parts nor does it need consumables.

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  • visguard

    VisGuard Visibility Monitor for Road Tunnels

    The VisGuard measures the scattered light intensity of a sample drawn into the instrument. Filtered purge air is fed through the flow cell, thus enveloping the sample in a protective shroud of clean air. This effectively keeps the optics clean. Installations are either in the tunnel cavity/niches (in-situ) respectively using extractive sampling away from the cavity. An optional sample heater eliminates the influence of any mist effects.

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  • Road Tunnel Ventillation

    VisGuard Visibility Monitor - Road Tunnels Installation Alternatives

    SIGRIST's VisGuard visibility monitor offers unique installation flexibility that makes it possible to achieve precisely the right concept for each user and each application.

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