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VisGuard OMD - Oil mist detection

Oil mist detection is used for the surveillance of mainly unmanned engine and hydraulic rooms on tankers, LNG-carriers, etc. In the machine room the fuel pipelines and injection ports are monitored to detect possible leakages. Leaking fuel vapour produces a fine and highly explosive aerosol which can be rapidly and reliably detected by using scattered light. The second monitoring place is the lubrication of the crank shaft. Insufficient lubrication or reduction in lubricating will cause overheating; the resulting oil mist again can be detected rapidly.
In the hydraulic room the generators and pipelines, which are under high pressure, are monitored for any leakages to detect any possible emission which can be highly explosive.


  • Continuous monitoring of the unmanned areas for the formation of possible explosive oil mist
  • Early warning allows to initiate safety relevant actions in time
  • The VisGuard used for detection complies with the code of practice from the IMO organization


  • Compact design, cabinet mounted for ease of installation with all necessary components for the extractive measurement of up to 40 monitoring points in the machine room.
  • Economical in-situ single point measurement in the hydraulic room.


Nominal range

100 PLA (Polystyrol-Latex-Aerosols)

Sample taking


Scale ranges

0..0.1 / 0..0.3 / 0..1 / 0..3 / 0..10 / 0..30 / 0..100 PLA



Sample temperature

-20 to. +50 °C

Sample pressure

max. ±3'000 Pa (±30 mbar)


RS232, Modbus, Profibus
DP0/4 .. 20 mA
relay contacts
Control unit

Ambient environment

-20 .. +50°C  (0 to 100% RH.) 

Maximum service altitude

3,000 m above sea level

Power supply

85 .. 264 V / 47 .. 440 Hz  

Number of sampling point

1 .. 40

Control Units




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