Turbidity Challenges in Water Industry

Sigrist has hidden a very smart electronic filter in their AquaScat menu system to overcome microbubble issues. It’s a clever little function called Peak Filter. When its activated, the AquaScat continuously compares 3 consecutive values. If one of these three values significantly deviates from the other two readings, then the AquaScat assumes it’s a bubble and will ignore it. Within 3 samples it will know whether it’s a bubble or a genuine change in turbidity. This function works very well. It is not normally activated by the factory, but I strongly recommend it. It’s not like a damping filter which will make your turbidity analyser sluggish. The AquaScat remains very responsive, which is one of its main benefits to our customers, but it isn’t fooled by the occasional bubble. If you have a significant bubble issue, then the Sigrist Deaeration tube will definitely help.

Give the Peak Filter a try. I think you will like it. You will find this function in the Measuring Channels submenu.

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