As production rates increase, so do risks. One of the major concerns at a tissue mill is fire. Many areas of a tissue mill are exposed to accumulation of dry, highly inflammable cellulose dust and fibre. The smallest outbreak of fire is extremely dangerous and can possibly spread through the entire mill.
With Tissue Solutions®, Firefly offers a range of fire protection solutions for both the tissue machine and the converting process. Firefly Tissue solutions includes both Spark Detection and Quick Suppression solutions to protect the Tissue machine and the converting process.

Tissue Converting

In the Log Saw enclosure it is vital to detect and suppress flames within seconds because a fire in this area can spread very quickly. Firefly’s Quick Suppression System offers a solution that combines optical UV/IR fire sensors that can detect small flames at an early stage, over a large area, with fast water mist…

Tissue Manufacturing

ApplicationsYankee Hood ProtectionDoctor Blade ProtectionWeb ProtectionReel Up ProtectionDust Extraction ProtectionDust Filter ProtectionYankee Hood Protection Yankee Dryer and Drive Side Protection Due to the large amount of dust accumulation around the Yankee Hood, Yankee Dryer and the Drive Side of the machine, the risk of fire in these areas is considered very high. Firefly’s Quick Suppression…