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Riken was founded in 1939 under the umbrella conglomerate of RIKEN, the  management philosophy has been to create safe working environments. The science and technology research laboratories have developed industrial gas detection warning devices, specialising in monitoring harmful gases in the work environment, as well as for explosion prevention from combustible gases.

Without compromise, Riken continue to challenge to be technological leaders, developing and manufacturing a wide range of industrial gas detection systems and monitors. From large-scale gas detecting alarm systems to small-sized personal gas monitors for safety protection; used in many industries including semiconductor and LCD plants, petroleum complexes, steelworks, various tankers, oil storage stations, underground gas facilities, and volcanoes.

Riken Keiki Co OHC 800

OHC 800

Explosion Proof Calorimeter

The OHC-800 is an explosion-proof calorimeter. According to measured calorific values, 4 – 20 mA signals and digital signals are output. The calorimeter is used for the purposes of calorific value recording and device control by connecting it to a recorder or a programmable controller. The calorimeter has three contact outputs, and these are activated by malfunction etc. of the device.