After Sales Support

Many of our customers are fortunate to have highly trained and well experienced engineers and techs on their staff. Some companies outsource most, if not all, of their maintenance services. Sadly, some companies work on the “let’s wait till it breaks” principle.

Regardless of where you are on this spectrum, it is not reasonable to expect you to have the in-depth “vertical niche-knowledge” of your instruments (that you sourced from us) as do our factory trained engineers. Our support crew are university or college educated for their baseline of knowledge supplemented by specific factory training.

Our services include:

Maintenance and repairs. This can be onsite or return to our workshop. In the rare cases where we cannot repair the fault in-house, we will arrange for return shipping to the manufacturer on your behalf.

Commissioning. Once you have your equipment installed on site, one of our commissioning engineers will start the commissioning. Their role is to:

Inspect your installation for correctness and safety
Test the equipment and to verify that it functions in accordance with your expectations.
Train your operators on the best use of the equipment including an overview of routine maintenance procedures.

Maintenance Contracts. You may have highly qualified service people on your team…or none. Our Service Manager needs a complete Equipment Register (download here) of the products that we support and their application (as this will affect the operating conditions). They will discuss with you the depth of expertise/knowledge your service team has regarding our supply of products, and the amount of support you require. Your Maintenance Contract will be tailored specifically for your needs and not a generic one that is expensive because it doubles up on your in-house capabilities.