Last month our expert staff set off to the WIOA Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibitions in Canberra and what an incredible few days it turned out to be.

We had the privilege to engage with industry leaders and guests with the opportunity to discuss and showcase our cutting-edge water measurement solutions.

We left onlookers in awe with our live demonstration of the AquaScat, our turbidity measurement analyser.

The AquaScat is the latest generation from Sigrist for the measurement of turbidity at 90as per ISO7027. One of the key features of the Aqua Scat is that the water sample passes the optics in a non-contact stream that avoids contamination of the optics. The light passes through the entire stream, not just the surface.

If you are in the water industry and are in need to maintenance-free turbidity control for your work operations, ProDetec has you covered with ground-breaking technology.

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