AquaGuard PR 30

The AquaGuard PR 30 measures up to five parameters directly in the water – without the use of expensive pumps and with zero water loss! The portable measuring system consists of an AquaScat S and can be equipped with up to three probes from Hamilton. This allows the AquaGuard PR 30 to be conveniently adapted to the measurement requirements. The SICON M operating device is used for control.



Technical Description – AquaGuard PR 30

  • Multi-parameter measurement with zero water loss
  • No installation of expensive pumps or pipes necessary
  • Submersion measurement without water loss (min. 0.1 m)
  • Reliable measurement at low water level
  • Standard equipment with 10 m or 20 m cable, other lengths upon request



 Combined measurement of:

  • Turbidity
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • ORP
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Temperature


A Closer Look

  • Direct measurement in water
  • No water loss
  • Customised, flexible solutions


The Specs at a Glance

Measuring principle 90°C scattering light according to ISO 7027 with LED
Nominal range turbidity 0 … 4000 FNU
Resolution turbidity 0.001 FNU
pH Sensor Potentiostatic measurement against reference
Measuring quantities pH pH, Temperature [°C, K, °F]
Nominal range pH 0 … 14
EC Sensor 4-Pole measurement
Measuring quantities el. Conductivity El. Conducitivity uS/cm, mS/cm], Temperature [°C, K, °F]
Nominal range el. Conductivity  1 … 300’000 uS/cm
Oxygen sensor optical measurement (luminescence)
Measuring quantities diss. Oxygen dO2 [µg/L, mg/L, ppm, ppb, %sat, %Vol],Temperature [°C, K,°F]
ORP Sensor Potentiostatic measurement against reference
Measuring quantities ORP ORP [mV], Temperature [°C, K, °F]
Nominal range ORP -1500 … 1500 mV
Sample temperature: 0 … 50°C
Sample Pressure max. 0.5 Mpa (5 bar)
Ambient temperature: 0 … 50°C
Supply voltage  24 VDC +/- 10%
Power input max. 8 W (incl. SICON M

Data Sheet – AquaGuard PR 30

EU Declaration of Conformity

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