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Sigrist-Photometer of Switzerland, has been developing, manufacturing and marketing the highest quality optical measuring instruments, including turbidity analysers for water treatment, food & beverage processes and many more industrial processes since 1946.

Below you will discover instruments based on turbidity scatter and absorption, colour and UV wavelengths, fluorescence and bacteriology that offer innovate solutions with an emphasis in low maintenance and ease of use.

Sigrist AquaGuard PR 30

AquaGuard PR 30

The AquaGuard PR 30 measures up to five parameters directly in the water – without the use of expensive pumps and with zero water loss! The portable measuring system consists of an AquaScat S and can be equipped with up to three probes from Hamilton. This allows the AquaGuard PR 30 to be conveniently adapted to the measurement requirements. The SICON M operating device is used for control.

Sigrist AquaScat 2

AquaScat 2

The AquaScat measures turbidity of potable, recycled and  raw water according to IEC 27027 using 90° scattered light detection in a non-contact, free-falling water stream. This contactless design eliminates window fouling and eliminates the need for regular maintenance (other than an annual filter change).

Calibration is performed either automatically (AquaScat WTMA) or manually (AquaScat TWM or HT) with a calibration checking unit specific to that instrument.

With a range of 0-4,000NTU, the AquaScat is sensitive enough to be used for post-filtration potable water to a heavy rain event raw water. There are 8 pre-set 4-20mA measuring ranges in the AquaScat, but any of these can be easily modified to suit your specific purpose (see the AquaScat video on setting your own measuring range).

Sigrist AquaScat S

AquaScat S

The AquaScat measures the turbidity of potable water according to IEC 27027, with the measurement carried out through multiple process connection options such as immersion tube, in pipe (metal or PE), in vessel. There is also a retractable option which allows the AquaScat S to be withdrawn for CIP and maintenance.

Calibration is done with a checking unit that has no consumables which enable the operator to return the instrument calibration to factory calibration.

Sigrist TurBiScat


The Sigrist TurBiScat monitors turbidity in liquids. Depending on your application, The TurBiScat can monitor turbidity at 90° and/or 25° using the highly accurate scattered light principle. There is an additional option of measuring Colour at a 430nm wavelength to monitor beer colour in EBC.

The combination of Hastelloy and sapphire in a seal-less design allows operating the unit in practically all process applications. Window fouling is monitored, compensated and can be checked using an anti-fouling control. Calibration is performed easily and at lab values of accuracy using a secondary reference standard.

Sigrist TurBiScat PM 40

TurBiScat PM 40

The TurBiScat PM 40 measures turbidity in beverages, optional also colour in beer; MEBAK / EBC / ASBC conform. The TurBiScat thus additionally becomes an inline colour meter. The combination of Hastelloy and Sapphire in a sealless design allows use in virtually all processes applications. The TurBiScat PM 40 determines turbidity with optimum colour compensation using scattered light measurement and is MEBAK/EBC compliant. 

The TurBiScat PM 40 appears in a new, fresh design with integrated coloured touchscreen display. The remarkable TurBiScat PM 40 can be identified easily in the production line. Measurement values and curves as well as data status are shown directly on point of measurement. Checking unit is integrated as well, no additional device is required. This simplifies the installation and reduces the power consumption. 

Sigrist TurbiGuard


The brewing, wine, sugar and beverage industries have the Sigrist TurbiGuard specifically designed for monitoring medium to high turbidity, in hygienic process liquids. The TurbiGuard measures turbidity using the absorption method and is typically mounted inline using a Varivent connection. The focus of the TurbiGuard is for easy installation and extremely low maintenance. There are no seals to replace and the calibration only requires a zero setting.

Sigrist LabScat


The LabScat monitors turbidity in liquids. Depending on your application, we can offer 90°/25° scattered light measurement with the option of Colour at a 430nm wavelength. The combination of Hastelloy and sapphire in a seal-less design allows operating the unit in practically all process applications. Turbidity measurement is done with colour compensation. Window fouling is monitored, compensated and can be checked using an anti-fouling control. Calibration is easy and very accurate with a precision optical calibration check cell, specific to each instrument.

Sigrist PhaseGuard


The PhaseGuard monitors phase change of product with water, yeast or CIP transitions by methods of turbidity or colour. The three models of the PhaseGuard cover most the possible applications: phase switch for turbidity (model T), for high turbidity (model HT) or based on of the products (model C). 

The PhaseGuard is factory adjusted with a universal measuring range based on absorption. For simple applications and system integration the instrument configuration and communication can be easily done using the serial interface in the instrument itself. combination with the existing outputs. For local monitoring and control, the optional control unit SICON with touch screen technology and colour display can be connected. 

Sigrist OilGuard 2W

OilGuard 2W

The instrument is used for monitoring oil traces in raw, surface run-off, process and wastewater. As a result of the non-contact (free-fall) measurement, there is no drift in readings as a result of window fouling. Another benefit of this design feature is the extremely low need for maintenance. This instrument is for non-hazardous applications.

No external operator interface is required as the colour touch-pad is integral to the analyser.

If the environment is hazardous, please refer to the OilGuard Ex

Sigrist ColorPlus 2 (HAZEN and DOC Measurement in Raw Water)

ColorPlus 2 (HAZEN and DOC Measurement in Raw Water)

Knowing the organic load of your raw water and the colour staining of your raw water intake can provide a feed-forward element of control to your water treatment process to optimise the treatment process and save money.

Until now, measuring the dissolved organics and colour required an expensive system. With the Sigrist ColorPlus the upfront cost is low enough so that your ROI is going to be much higher, much sooner.

The ColorPlus measures the colour by absorption online using up to three different wavelengths. The bypass measuring cell has been specifically designed for applications within the water industry. Depending on the configuration you select, it allows measuring DOC (UV absorption) and colour (Hazen) simultaneously while compensating for turbidity, which would otherwise influence the results

Sigrist ColorPlus 2 O3 Water and Gas

ColorPlus 2 O3 Water and Gas

The ColorPlus O3 analyuser can be setup to measure ozone in either gases or ultra-pure water. Let’s have a brief overview of both versions.

Measuring Ozone O3 in Water: The Sigrist ColorPlus 2 O3 Ozone meter for ultra-pure water measures the ozone concentration at a wavelength of 254nm according to standard DIN 19627 and the IOA (International Ozone Association). This instrument has a special measuring cell with a path-length of 100mm which allows measuring ozone in ultra pure water in the ppb range.

Measuring Ozone for Gases measures the ozone concentration according to standard DIN 19627 and the IOA at a wavelength of 254nm. According to these standards, the extinction coefficient is 3024 l/mol cm. Therefore, the ozone measurement can be regarded as an absolute measurement requiring no calibration with ozone.

Sigrist VisGuard


The Sigrist VisGuard is your partner in the safety and monitoring of road and rail tunnels. To ensure safety in a critical tunnel application you need to have dependable information on 

  • Visibility measurement 
  • Ventilation control 
  • Early fire/smoke detection in road and rail tunnels 
  • Dust concentration in air 
  • Detection of oil mist 

Visibility, CO concentration, and sometimes NO concentration are vital criteria for assessing air quality in road tunnels. These parameters are used for controlling the ventilation system in order to minimise energy consumption and also for closing down the tunnel whenever pre-established safety limits are exceeded.  

The  VisGuard is available in different versions:  In-situ, Extractive or Mini-extractive Installation  

Sigrist FireGuard


The Sigrist FireGuard detects emerging fires at their early stages (cold smoke). The sensor uses the available natural air stream in the tunnel. This leads to a greater time for escape and orderly evacuation. (If fog is a potential issue, any influence caused by fog will be eliminated by optional heating elements).  

The sensor is very compact and has no moving parts needs no consumables.  

There are a variety of mounting methods: 

  • Wall 
  • Arched or flat ceiling 
  • Ventilation dampers  

Sigrist ColorPlus 3 Nitrate

ColorPlus 3 Nitrate

Nitrate is one of the most common groundwater contaminants in rural areas. Higher nitrate levels can pose a direct threat to health, but they also indicate the possible presence of other more serious contaminants, such as bacteria or pesticides.  Nitrate in groundwater originates primarily from fertilizers, septic systems, and manure storage or agricultural spreading operations.

The Sigrist ColorPlus 3 offers you online measurement of nitrate. We use a long-life xenon flash lamp is which offers a well-defined light spectrum over the wavelengths we require with a very low loss of intensity.

Sigrist ScrubberGuard


To meet the challenges of maritime shipping, SIGRIST combines established individual components in an innovative all-in-one system – complemented by unique maritime refinements! 

Sigrist ColorPlus Ex

ColorPlus Ex

The ColorPlus Ex, in both inline and bypass configurations, is designed to accommodate up to three different light sources (UV and visible range) for the measurement of color, DOC and concentrations. For example, one (or two), of the colours can be used to measure concentration, and the third light source can be used for turbidity compensation, if turbidity is a potential complicating factor in your process.

This ColorPlus Ex version features a flameproof encapsulation and is offered for installations in areas requiring explosion protection.