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Firefly – The World’s First Third Party Approved Quick Suppression System

Experience and research demonstrate that the key to minimizing production downtime and damage due to fire and dust explosions is the detection and elimination of potential ignition sources, such as sparks and hot particles. Firefly is at the forefront of providing fire protection services, specializing in fire and dust explosion prevention systems for hazardous environments. This pioneering company offers advanced fire protection technologies that cater to various process industries, ensuring enhanced safety and operational continuity.

Firefly Spark Detection Solutions

Spark Detection Solutions

Firefly’s Spark and Hot Body Detectors are designed to detect ALL potential ignition sources such as sparks, glowing and hot particles. These detectors are insensitive to daylight minimising false alarms.

Firefly Quick Suppression Solutions

Quick Suppression Solutions

A complete system designed for extremely quick detection and suppression of fires can be used for spot protection of any type of high risk area and can be combined with Firefly’s unique Spark Detection System.

Firefly Water Mist Solutions

Water Mist Solutions

Firefly PowerImpact™ extinguishing is used in process ducts and chutes, it has a unique design spraying from different directions into a chute or duct utilising Full cone spray nozzles. Large water droplets for more momentum and penetration with a minimum of three water nozzles and solenoid valves per zone. Each water nozzle uses a Quick-connection and flexible hose that makes it easy to test the system without releasing water into the process

Firefly Water Mist Suppression Systems have remarkable flame suppression capabilities, utilising a small amount of water. The unique design of the hydraulic system enables a very quick system response time.

Firefly High Speed Woodworking Solutions

High Speed Woodworking Solutions


Planing at high speeds leads to an increase in friction heat, making the process vulnerable to fire. Firefly’s Quick Suppression System PlanerGuard™ solution for high speed planers focuses on detecting ignition sources at an early stage. Non-invasive water mist suppression is used to quickly and effectively suppress the fire with the aim to avoid costly downtime and damage to the planer.


In many cases, large amounts of shavings are accumulated in and around the open planer. When ignited, these shavings can cause rapid fires resulting in considerable damage. Firefly’s PlanerGuard™ solution for open planers monitors the machine by using flame detectors installed local to the area. Non-invasive water mist suppression aims at quick and effective suppression of the fire, even in the closed areas of an open planer.


A moulder is often installed in a production area adjacent to other machinery. The consequences of a fire in a moulder can therefore be extensive and cause damage to surrounding equipment. Firefly’s PlanerGuard™ solution for moulders detects sparks or incipient fire at a very early stage. Non-invasive water mist suppression aims at quick and effective suppression of the fire, even in the closed areas of a moulder.

Firefly Wood Panel Solutions

Wood Panel Solutions

It is well-known in the wood panel industry that a fire in a press spreads extremely quickly. A small flame can, in just a couple of seconds, develop into a large-scale press fire with devastating consequences/losses.

Combustible material (wood fibres, dust, various types of oil and wax), oxygen and ignition sources (often generated due to friction) are always present in and around a press. Considering that these are the parameters needed to start a fire, the question to be asked would not be if a fire will occur in a continuous press, but rather when.

The Firefly PressGuard®, is a Quick Suppression System that consists of a detection- and water mist suppression system. The detection system is built upon a range of different detectors suitable for usage in different areas of a press, this to ensure the best possible accuracy and reaction time. The water mist suppression system uses a lower amount of water to minimise secondary damage/losses.

Firefly Wood Finishing Solutions

Wood Finishing Solutions

The fine dust generated by a sanding machine can, when ignited, give rise to severe dust explosions and rapid spread of fire. Firefly’s SanderGuard™ system solution is designed for all types of sanders. Firefly’s SanderGuard™ system solution includes quick flame detection inside the sanding machine and water mist suppression, providing optimal protection of this important link in the production chain.

Firefly Recycling Solutions

Recycling Solutions

Frequent fires in shredders often result in production downtime and loss of revenue. A fire in a shredder can spread very quickly. Therefore, Firefly has developed Firefly ShredderGuard, a Quick Suppression System that can withstand the tough conditions in and around a shredder. The main focus of the Firefly ShredderGuard™ solution is to detect and extinguish a fire in a shredder as quickly as possible. This is why a Firefly safety system always consists of three main integrated functionalities: detection, extinguishing and control. By integrating different techniques (flame detection, True IR-detection, full-cone water spray extinguishing and water mist suppression) into one solution, Firefly provides optimal safety for the protection of shredders.

Firefly Conveyor Solutions

Conveyor Solutions


A fire in a belt conveyor is often hard to extinguish and can spread very quickly. In worst case it can spread to surrounding material stacks and could last for weeks, causing major loss of revenue and production downtime.

The purpose of the Firefly ConveyorGuardTM-solution is to automatically detect and suppress a fire at an early stage and to stop the conveyor belt as quickly as possible. The Firefly ConveyorGuardTM-solution can be complemented with Firefly open area flame detectors and/or LTS cable

Firefly Wood Pellet Protection

Wood Pellet Protection

As the bioenergy industry grows, so do its fire problems. There are several high-risk zones in which fires or dust explosions may arise, both in pellet production and in power plants. Firefly has many Spark Detection and Quick Suppression solutions for pellet production and power plants. By tailoring a fire protection system using fast IR-radiation and flame detection in combination with effective water spray extinguishing and water mist suppression, Firefly aims to avoid costly fires and dust explosions in the bioenergy industry.

Firefly Tissue Solutions

Tissue Solutions

The worst and most feared scenario is that ignition sources created by a production-related problem, such as sparks and hot particles from the Yankee Hood, are embedded within the tissue reel and transferred to the warehouse. The typical frequency of this scenario is low but when it happens, the consequences are devastating. 

Firefly offers detection of sparks and suppression of flames within seconds around the Doctor Blade and Yankee dryer using a combination of the Spark Detection and Quick Suppression system with optical flame detectors that can detect small flames at an early stage, over a large area, combined with water mist suppression. 

In the Log Saw enclosure it is vital to detect and suppress flames within seconds because a fire in this area can spread very quickly. Firefly’s Quick Suppression System offers a solution that combines optical UV/IR fire sensors that can detect small flames at an early stage, over a large area, with fast water mist suppression. 

To avoid dust filter fires and explosions, ignition sources in the extraction system need to be detected and extinguished. By installing Firefly Spark Detection system you get extremely fast IR sensors that can detect sparks and hot particles. Depending on the process, the aim of the system is to eliminate ignition sources by extinguishing with water, using isolation and CO2, or diverting the air flow. 

Firefly Silo Solutions

Silo Solutions

The MGD detector contains extremely sensitive sensors that react fast on the gases released in a very early stage of a fire, even before the presence of visible smoke or flames. The MGD detector can be used in extremely harsh environments such as storage silos, conveying systems, and mining sites but also in electrical rooms and turbines. 

Firefly Paper Solutions

Paper Solutions

An IR-dryer is the most dangerous and common source of a fire in the paper industry. A fire in the IR-drying area can result in long and costly downtime. Firefly’s IR-Guard™ solution is a Quick Suppression System and includes quick flame detection and water mist suppression, providing optimal protection of one of the most valued links in the production chain. Firefly protects paper mills and filters with IR-radiation detection of sparks and hot particles and extinguishing using water spray, isolation with CO2 or water mist suppression.

Firefly Turbine Solutions

Turbine Solutions

The greatest fire hazards in power generation turbines come from lube oil. The normal turbine temperature operation, on bearings and some pipes, is higher than the ignition temperature of the lubrication oil used for these equipment. This fuel-temperature operational condition produces a risk that should be eliminated by an accurate, fast and automatic fire prevention system.

Fires normally occur at the turbine bearings, lube oil piping, below the turbine deck and the lube oil reservoir. The Firefly TurbineGuard system, with its punctual design, could extinguish an emerging fire in the hazardous areas of the equipment’s or even prevent the occurrence of fires in power generation turbines.

Firefly Baking Solutions

Baking Solutions

Firefly”s BakeScan Solution is a Quick Suppression System designed to detect and extinguish glowing pieces and flames on transportation belts of bakes product processes, including biscuits, tortillas, baked crisps and cereals.