The TurBiScat monitors turbidity in liquids. Depending on your application, we can offer 90°/25° scattered light measurement with the option of Colour at a 430nm wavelength. The combination of Hastelloy and sapphire in a seal-less design allows operating the unit in practically all process applications. Turbidity measurement is done with colour compensation. Window fouling is monitored, compensated and can be checked using an anti-fouling control. Calibration is easy and very accurate with a precision optical calibration check cell, specific to each instrument.




Technical Description – LabScat 

The LabScat monitors turbidity in liquids, using a single light source to detect transmitted light and scattered light at 90° and 25°. This allows for colour-compensated dual-angle turbidity measurement which is according to MEBAK and EBC standard, directly in the bottles, or glass cuvettes if you prefer to take samples from various points in your process.  Automatic rotation of the Bottle rotation while in a water-bath inside the LabScat minimizes disturbing influences of the bottle (eg ripples in the glass). The quality of the water bath is continually monitored.

Operation is performed via a colour touchscreen. No tools are required for routine maintenance. Calibration check is simply and accurately performed with a calibration unit with a glass reference, which is part of the scope of supply.

Sample ID and handling measuring data are performed using digital interfaces (USB, Ethernet with web browser).

Data Sheet – LabScat


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Overview of Brewing Process

Sigrist Optical Measurement for the Beverage Industry

Sigrist Optical Measurement for the Brewing Industry

LabScat 2 with Cooling Option

Turbidity in Food Dyes Laboratory

Turbidity in the Brewery Laboratory

Sample Calibration Certificate

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