LaserGas™ II Open Path

LaserGas™ II Open Path is a compact, high performance gas monitor for ambient long-distance monitoring. The LaserGas™ II OP consists of a transceiver and retro-reflector unit. 

The retro-reflector unit consists of one or several cube corners in a weatherproof enclosure, which reflects the light back to the transceiver. The detector collects the returned light for calculation of the gas concentration. 

An optional auto-alignment unit can also be applied to ensure consistent alignment over time. 



Technical Description – LaserGas II OP


  • Very low detection limits 
  • Wide range of detectable gases 
  • Suitable for hazardous areas 


  • CH4 
  • CO ppm 
  • H2S 
  • H2S + CO2 
  • HCl 
  • HCl + CH4 
  • HF 
  • NH3 
Neo Monitors LaserGas™ II Open Path

A Closer Look

  • Easy to install 
  • Low need for maintenance 
  • Response time down to 1 second 
  • No cross interference from other gases 
  • Exceptionally low detection limits 
  • Unaffected by fog or rain down to <1% transmission 
  • Wide range of detectable gases 
  • Mounted on our proprietary x/y alignment platform (goniometer). Adapters for fixed installation on platforms or for tripod use are available. 
  • Auto-alignment unit available 
  • Equipped also for hazardous areas 


  • Oil and gas industry 
  • Petrochemical refineries 
  • Landfill sites 
  • Chemical plants 
  • Steel and aluminium industry 
  • Fire protection 
  • Traffic exhaust 
  • Agriculture 
  • ..and more 

Customer Benefits 

  • Compact high-performance gas monitor for ambient long distance monitoring 
  • No cross interference from other gases 
  • Easy to install 
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • Proven and reliable 

Data Sheet – LaserGas™ II OP