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Centec Applications in Dairy

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  • Dairy

    Systems & Sensors for Dairy Industries

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    Centec sensors are applied in laboratory and process environments. They ensure that products are produced to consistently high standards and that processes run extremely efficiently with the least consumption of energy and raw materials.

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  • Dairy 2

    Milk Carbonation

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    Centec equipment is largely used for manufacturing of cream, butter and many fermented dairy products (e.g. yogurt, kefir, laban). Centec technology includes a range of high precision process sensors for accurately measuring critical product properties such as milk fat content, O2 and CO2. The largest dairy groups in the world are among our key customers

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  • Milk Density Measurement during Milk Standardization

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    Milk is a multi-component mixture containing water, fat, proteins, lactose, etc., so it is not possible to determine the concentration of a single component like fat. Since the densities of skim milk and cream are known, the density change upon addition of fat is used to monitor and control the standardization process.

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