Turbidity Challenges in Water Industry


1. How important are dependable turbidity readings below 0.05 NTU to you?
2. How much maintenance and calibration are you prepared to do?
3. What level of consumables and maintenance manpower are acceptable to you?

Our Answers

1. There are few instruments that can read reliably below 0.05NTU without a regular cleaning regime even with post-filtration water. If you have manganese or iron, your problems are worse. There is only one way to avoid this problem…by avoiding the sample water contacting the optical windows.
2. We all want to have factory levels of calibration accuracy quickly, safely and at a low cost. The only way to achieve this is for the calibration reference to be instrument specific.
3. Compare the cost of maintenance and consumables that you are currently incurring to this value: ZERO. No consumables. No Maintenance.

Our Solution

There is one turbidity analyser that can help you meet the three goals above and the ever-tightening water quality targets in 2017, and into the future. It’s from Switzerland. It’s the Sigrist AquaScat. Click on any of the images for more information on the AquaScat from our website.


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