Filtered Water – Raw Water – Wastewater

  • No Formazine or derivatives allowing.
  • FREE, SIMPLE, AUTOMATED PRECISE calibration method to return to Sigrist Laboratory specifications every time.
  • No cleaning
  • Responsive and reliable measurements
  • True free falling noncontact measurement

The Secret to Zero MAINTENANCE is NO Contact with Water

  • Water passes through the AquaScat without touching the optics.
  • No window fouling means no maintenance.
  • Very Low to very high turbidity values, 0 to 4,000NTU, can be measured with no contamination of the optics
  • Dissolved metals like iron or manganese do not contaminate the optics

Fully Automatic Calibration

  • Re-calibration to Sigrist factory Formazine Standard using optical reference from German aerospace manufacturer
  • Laboratory Precise Calibration without the use of Formazine
  • Fully automatic Calibration at user-defined intervals with no operator initiation, or manually triggered, or activated by your DCS

Highest Accuracy from Low to High Turbidity 

Optical path length ≤ 5mm

Low level of “internal stray light”

  • Quantity of light that is still visible even though there are no particles in the water
  • External light + internal reflections + molecular scatter (6-8mNTU)
  • The clever design of measuring cell in combination with high quality optical components minimizes the quantity of stray light inside the instrument:
  • A stable measurement of lowest up to high turbidity levels is possible
  • Inexistent zero drift grants long term stability of the measurement

The Biggest Advantages of the AquaScat are;

  • Calibration is done accurately back to factory standard
  • No water contact means no drift from contamination
    • Ensures NO ZERO DRIFT
    • Values you can ALWAYS trust
    • No water contact means no maintenance, no downtime, ever

Next to technical features, the product design was focused on long lifetime of the instrument and low maintenance needs:

  • The light source being an LED grants operation without failure for 10 years.
  • The maintenance work is negligible
  • The cost for consumables during 10 years of operation is $100.00

About ProDetec

ProDetec was established in 2003 and is a quality ISO9001 company with an extensive client base throughout Australia and New Zealand. ProDetec is focused on client satisfaction and process efficiency. We have in-house and on-site service & commissioning capabilities and a team of qualified engineers.