An Objective Comparison of Watchdogs for Monitoring Bacteria

So, you’ve been thinking about getting a Watchdog to monitor for bacterial outbreaks in your Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment or Distribution networks?

Good news! I have done the hard work of this objective comparison for you.

I have compared the Pro’s and Con’s of 2 popular Watchdogs: A Shepherd, on the left. On the right is the BactoSense from Sigrist for the continual on-line Bacterial detection of Total Cell Count and Live Dead Count.

Let’s see which Watchdog is right for you.


A Concise Summary of our Findings

Quite clearly, a purely objective count of “ticks” vs “crosses” confirms that the German Shepherd is the better choice of watchdog. However, if your goals lean more towards Public Health and Safety and having the ability to continually monitor the bacterial levels in water, and to be alerted to deviations from the normal LDC or TCC levels, then perhaps you should have a closer look at the Sigrist BactoSense.

Here are just a few of the features of the BactoSense using Flow Cytometric determination of microbial cells:

  • Continual Online or manual samples operation with results in under 30 minutes and user-de ned threshold values and alarms
  • Determination of the water “fingerprints” and cell size ratios (LNA/HNA) to determine what is normal for your location and application
  • Monitoring of raw water quality and various stages in the water treatment processes to pin-point problem locations
  • Monitoring of water distribution networks, flushing procedures, and essential maintenance
  • Rapid microbial contamination detection and early warning system with detection of more than 99% of microbial cells
  • Disinfection control and optimizing
  • Research and troubleshooting
  • Safe-to-handle cartridge containing all chemicals and waste

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