Model OHC-800

  • “Opt-Sonic calculation” is applied using Optical sensor and Sonic sensor
  • Easy to switch the display among “Calorific value”, “Density” and “WOBBE index”
  • Fulfilling self-diagnosis function and running cost
  • Body structure that can be installed into all types of location


  • Unique measuring principle “opt-sonic calculation” is applied. This can minimise the interference effects caused by interference gases and a high accuracy measuring result can be obtained.
  • Fast response time T90 reaction within 5 seconds.
  • High repeatability +/-0.02MJ/m3
  • Wide operation temperature -20-+60 degree C
  • Explosion-Proof structure even for Hydrogen II2G Ex db IIB+H2T4Gb<ATEX/IECEx>
  • High ingress protection level IP66/IP67
  • Remarkable temperature characteristic. Below 0.10MJ/m3 fluctuation for the temperature change in a day (< 20 degree C)
  • Easy to switch the display among “calorific value”, “density” and “WOBBE index” just by the button operation.
OHC 800

“Opt-Sonic Calculation” is applied by using Optical sensor and Sonic sensor. The interference effects on the reading caused by interference gases such as N2, O2, CO2 etc. can be minimised. This will realise a high accuracy measurement.


  • Electric Power Energy (Calorific value adjustment, Gas turbine control)
  • Gas Energy (Calorific value adjustment when Town gas is supplied)
  • Gas Engine for Ship (Methane number measuring for highly efficient engine control)
  • Biogas (Calorific value measurement of biogas after removing CO2 contained in the gas)
  • Iron Steel (Monitoring of CO2 and CO contained coke-oven gas)
  • Refinery (Density monitoring of OFF gas generated while in petroleum processing)

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