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Modular complete systems

Compact measuring system for: turbidity, pH, conductivity, Redox, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

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  • bactosense1

    BACTOSENSE - Microbiological monitoring of drinking water

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    + For all situations where a quick and reliable response is required in order to improve the quality of drinking water

    + Bacteriological measurement of the total cell count TCC

    + Allows for continuous monitoring of the drinking water

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  • aquamaster 1

    SIGRIST AquaMaster

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    SIGRIST Turbidity

    SIGRIST AquaMaster is a compact measuring system for the following parameters: turbidity, pH, conductivity, Redox, dissolved oxygen and temperature. The various parameters can be combined individually. The colour touch screen of the AquaScat is the central control and display unit, as well as the connection to the host control system.

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  • aquadms

    Sigrist AquaDMS - Water Disinfection Measuring System

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    SIGRIST Tech Info

    The measuring system includes everything needed for disinfectant measurement: instrument, sensor, assembly and wiring – pre-mounted on a measuring panel. The system is used for measuring free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide.

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