Daiken Southland

Daiken have recently added to their already large Firefly Spark Detection systems with a new Firefly Eximio state of the art Spark Detection System so they can increase the speed of that dryer process. Extremely hot air travels through the ducting.

More Speed = More Boards = More Money.

When speed increases in Dryer Ducts, the fire risk increases. To prevent such fire accumulating in the ducting, the Firefly Eximio Spark Detection System has been installed. This system detects hot bodies in the dryer duct and extinguishing, a critical precaution a plant can implement.

Firefly Eximio is an intelligent system with a decentralized and modular system architecture. Detectors and extinguishing equipment is connected to local hubs, making cabling and installation easy. It is also easy to extend the system for future needs. No more headache about choosing the right size of your control panel.

Operators will control the system via a colour touch screen with an IntuVision™- operators interface, that comes as standard in every Firefly Eximio system. IntuVision™ is easy to use and includes lots of features and functions, for example ApplicationView™ where a drawing of the zone will be shown on the screen. By using IntuVisionDesktop, the customer can even connect the system to an external computer, for example in the control room.

The Eximio System can be connected via Ethernet cable or modem, to enable remote help and service.

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