DLI-10K Digital Location Interface (Monitoring Distance 10Km)

The Digital Location Interface (DLI) monitors the Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable and identifies the location of the active alarm. The distance in meters is then displayed on the 4-digit LCD. 

The DLI is able to monitor up to 10,000m for both Fire and Fault conditions the DLI enhances any fire detection capability and allows an appropriate action to be taken. 

There are flexible interfacing options, designed as a two-wire device for connecting directly into a conventional fire alarm panel, it also has the ability to signal via volt free relay contacts for Fire and Fault, plus a 4-20 mA output. 

IP 65 weatherproof lockable Polycarbonate enclosure with M20 and M25 cable gland knockouts.



Technical Description – DLI-10K Digital Location Interface


  • Display of Alarm location for the complete length of cable.
  • 4 Digit LCD.
  • LED Fire and Fault indicators.
  • Fire and Fault Test Functions.
  • Suitable for monitoring hazardous area applications using safety barriers.
  • IP 65 Housing (DIN Rail options available).
  • Volt free relay outputs for Fire and Fault.
  • 4 – 20mA output.
  • Configurable for 2 wire mode.
  • Remote reset input.


  • Power Generation.
  • Cable Trays / Tunnels.
  • Road and Rail Tunnels.
  • Car Parks.
  • Conveyors (Bearing) protection.
  • Storage racks warehouse Refrigerated rooms and cold stores.
  • Petro-chemical storage tanks, rim seal.
Linesense DLI-10K  Digital Location Interface  (Monitoring Distance 10Km)

The Specs at a Glance

Operating voltage: 14 – 30 VDC Two wire mode

20 – 30 VDC Relay mode

Operating Current Normal: 1.5 mA Two wire mode

11 mA Relay mode

Fire Alarm (max): 13 mA Two wire mode

29 mA Relay mode

Fault Condition: 700 uA
Output: 4 – 20 mA signal loop output
Fire: 2 x VFCO relays, 1 amp 24 VDC / 120 VAC
Fault: 2 x VFCO relays, 1 amp 24 VDC / 120 VAC
Input: Remote Reset
Maximum length of LHD: 10,000m

Data Sheet – DLI-10K Digital Location Interface