With 40 years of experience in providing preventive re protection to the process industries, Firefly now offers its new system generation, EXIMIO. With robust products designed for the toughest industrial environments, Firefly provides premium safety solutions for the worldwide process industries.

State of the art Technology.

EXIMIO is a state-of-the-art and user friendly system that offers a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Its patented technologies maximize safety and minimize false alarms, thereby avoiding costly production downtime.

System Structure

EXIMIO is based on a network structure where detection, extinguishing and control functionalities are connected to the network through locally placed hubs. Whenever needed, additional protection zones can be added to the network. Even operator interface(s) can be added at any chosen location in the process without the expensive entry cost required by conventional suppliers. The system is thus decentralized, providing the advantage of
shorter cable lengths, but offers at the same time the advantages of a centralized system by allowing the operator to control the system from any chosen location. The EXIMIO system can be integrated with the customers’ operating and control systems.


IntuVision™ is the operator interface of the EXIMIO system. It provides a clear, informative, and user friendly overview of the installed protection zones and their status. Additionally, several optional software packages can be added to the system to open up new possibilities.


About ProDetec

ProDetec was established in 2003 and is a quality ISO9001 company with an extensive client base throughout Australia and New Zealand. ProDetec is focused on client satisfaction and process efficiency. We have in-house and on-site service & commissioning capabilities and a team of qualified engineers.